24″ Light rack for mounting Aquaillumination LED’s

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EVO LED Presents the All aluminum Construction, fully adjustable mounting system for the AquaIlluminations© LED models for tanks up to 24″ in length. Mounting hardware and brackets for you to install 1- AI LED’s Hydra© or Vega© (light not included) We include instructions to easily assemble it with the included wrenches to assemble the stainless hardware and hang one AI© LED (not included)

****This Auction is for one rack for a tank with a standard length of up to 24″. We can make it 20″, 22″ 23.5″ etc. for no additional cost, you just need to tell us the length of your tank at time of checkout so we can assemble it with the correct length top bar.

*****Available in All Black or all silver depending which color light you have please tell us in the checkout instructions which color you prefer.*******


Kit Contents:
One 24″ top bar
Two 10″ legs
Two 14″ feet
One T-Handle hex wrench for assembly
Two Stainless 5mm flat head bolts for mounting your light
1 LED Light mounting plate
Packed in a 24″x4″x4″ box
Assembled weight 4lb


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